Polnix on Pinterest

Recently, you will also find us on Pinterest! Below, a few words of explanation why you should create an account on this social network.

The name Pinterest is derived from two English words: “pin” and “interest”. Each element placed within the portal is defined as a pin, which the user can place on his board himself, or attach a pin that was posted by another user.

The assumption of the portal is to create a space in the network that functions like an interactive cork board. Unlike other social media, the main function of which is to publish your own content, Pinterest allows you to save content you deem valuable, mainly for inspiration or motivation.

The Pinterest website software allows the user to publish the found and created visual content in one place and to organize them by topic. Another user may “like” individual items, comment on them, and place them in their collection, known as an array, for remembering or future use. Each of the created boards can be edited by the logged in user using board settings (name, description, cover and visibility status). It is also possible to send pins via e-mail to anyone outside the portal and to create group boards that enable cooperation between creators on a specific board. It is also possible to generate hidden boards, visible only to the creator and invited people.

All this makes Pinterest the right tool for those who want to get inspired or simply stay up to date with current trends – the perfect place for people from the gardening branch – garden and interior designers, owners of florists or garden centers.


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