The material from which the articles in this collection are made is a mixture of clay and fibers (another name is ecological resin, fiberclay). The surface structure of the products is slightly porous and has unevenly distributed delicate pits, thanks to which it resembles architectural concrete.

The Ecolite collection is characterized by modern design and a simple form, and at the same time a natural appearance, which makes these products look very nice in spaces decorated in an industrial style, both outdoor and indoor. Perfect pots for offices, hotels or restaurants.

As the products are made of natural material, the pots absorb moisture. Therefore, during use (with excess of water), local spots of moisture may appear on the surface, which dry over time. During use, minor cracks may also appear on the pot walls. These are natural processes for this type of material and it does not affect functionality of flower pots.

Non-frostproof garden pot
Light material
Hand made
Optional drainage hole
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